Starting a Business When You Have a New Pet

Starting a Business When You Have a New Pet

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What does starting a business and getting a new pet have in common? They’re both big commitments that require a lot of time, energy and focus. Balancing starting a new business and taking care of a new pet can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be if you know how to achieve balance, designate a play area for your pet, and establish a routine for both you and your companion. Here are some tips courtesy of Belmont County Animal Shelter.

1. Balancing Work and Caring for Your Pet

The key to successfully running a business and raising your pet is balance. Once you find the right mix of work time and pet time, you’ll have no problem taking care of both. One of the easiest ways to do that is to set up your business to run efficiently, guaranteeing you have plenty of time for business and your pet.

You can start by registering your business as an LLC. Businesses that register as corporations are required to submit detailed records and publish frequent reports. LLCs have a lot more flexibility when it comes to record keeping and running a business. You’ll also get the added benefits of limited personal liability and tax advantages. You can register your business quickly and easily using a formation service. Just be sure to check Ohio’s requirements before starting the Ohio LLC registration process.

2. Setting Up a Play Space

One of the biggest mistakes new pet owners make is giving them unlimited access to your home. This can lead to puppies chewing on furniture, cats tearing up curtains, bathroom accidents and other problems. In order to protect and train your new pet, it’s best to start them off with limited space. That can mean different things for every pet and pet owner. You may want to use a gate to keep your pet on one level of the house, close doors to select rooms, keep them in one room or set up an exercise pen. The American Kennel Club recommends crate training young dogs to teach them independence and responsibility.

Wherever you decide to keep your pet, you want to make it a fun and safe area for them to rest and play. Your pet’s play space should have a comfortable place for them to sleep, access to food and water, and lots of appropriate toys. Providing enough toys will help them learn to chew on or scratch only their toys and not your belongings. Lastly, be sure that your pet’s space is completely pet-proof, including covering any outlets in the area and removing any small objects that they could choke on.

3. Creating a Routine

Establishing a routine makes it much easier to train pets. Having a set routine that you follow daily will eventually teach them when it’s time to play with you and when they need to entertain themselves. You can create schedules for dogs, cats and other pets. Creating your pet’s routine will allow you to more easily create a work routine with fewer interruptions. It also ensures that your pets are getting plenty of food, rest and exercise, which can improve their behavior.

Starting a business should never delay you from getting a pet, and getting a pet should never delay you from starting a business. With a little work, the right balance of business and pet care can be achieved.

If you’re looking to welcome another companion into your home, consider rescuing or adopting through Belmont County Animal Shelter. You can make a donation.

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